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The Jungle, novel by Upton Sinclair, published serially in and as a single-volume book in The most famous, influential, and enduring of all muckraking novels, The Jungle was an exposé of conditions in the Chicago stockyards. The title of Sinclair’s novel describes the.
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She shares a tent with a man also wounded that night when three teenagers allegedly burst into the campsite in what police have called an attempted drug robbery. Both are potential witnesses in the case against the teens, who have been charged with first-degree murder; their names are being withheld at their request to protect their safety. According to their account, the shooters entered the camp from the east after being dropped off by a car. The woman, resting in her tent with a female friend at the time, stepped outside when she heard the first shots.

A bullet crushed one of her vertebrae. Her friend, Jeannine Zapata, was killed still lying inside the tent. A bullet hit him in the abdomen.

Another hit his friend, James Q. Tran, in the head as he sat near the campfire, killing him. He survived, he said, by sticking his finger inside the bullet hole to stanch the bleeding and playing dead.

Scar tissue now runs from his sternum to his navel. The woman is partially paralyzed and walks with a limp.

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These are my people. I feed people here every day. The woman said her struggles with addiction make returning to her family difficult. The Caves feel comfortable to her. We all gotta help each other. In the past five years, Seattle police have responded to more than 70 violent incidents. A few city blocks south from the site of the shootings, Angie Ulrich and her boyfriend built a shanty mostly from wooden pallets.

Her campsite is deliberately perched on a rocky slope away from others and their temptations. Inside their semblance of a tiny house, Ulrich sat on a bed with a 4-month-old puppy. Like others, she runs through common complaints about shelters: bugs, drunks, fights, rip-offs. She and her husband are former drug addicts, clean for eight years, she said.

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Their year-old son has mental-health issues and a criminal record. A group of men on couches passed around cans of malt liquor and cigarettes. One rose from a couch to embrace a friend who now has a full-time job and a home but came back to visit. But one says he has lived in a tent off-and-on for the past decade. I just want to be left alone. Forty-seven had opted to receive help from UGM, the city or other agencies.

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Others left on their own, according to a spokeswoman for the agency. The Jungle is more sad and grim, he agreed, than a Mad Max-like dystopia.

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Still, all that stands between many campers and rats, needles and human waste is a tent wall. UGM workers reported meeting a man who had overdosed on heroin and was found by his wife lying outside his tent, a rat gnawing at his face. The man lost part of his eyelid and eye, but was not interested in relocation assistance, according to UGM. Some of the shelter complaints are off base, Lilley said.

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  7. If removed, Lilley acknowledged, some campers would just move to other public land or come back to The Jungle in a cat-and-mouse game with City Hall. Back to story Restart gallery.

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