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Editorial Reviews. Review. "With NDE, Sakmyster and Savile trek across a dark line into very strange country. Equal parts smart and chilling, this is a powerful.
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After a Near Death Experience an 'NDE' radically transforms the life of eccentric billionaire Nicholas Sheridan, he becomes obsessed with understanding the experience, recreating the conditions that opened the gate to the unknown. After recruiting others with similar experiences, they discover amazing connections, common visions and dramatic abilities among people who have come back from the dead.


But what they haven't bargained for is that the gate opens both ways. Something has escaped from death and is hunting them. Something hungry Equal parts smart and chilling, this is a powerful and important novel. Create Widget. About Steven Savile. Learn more about Steven Savile. Her emergency room physician, pediatrician Melvin Morse, states that he "stood over Katie's lifeless body in the intensive care unit.

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She was given very little chance of surviving. But then, just three days later, Katie unexpectedly made a full recovery. In fact, when she revived, she reproduced an amazing wealth of information regarding the emergency room, specific details of her resuscitation, along with physical descriptions of the two physicians who worked on her.

All this occurred while she was completely comatose and most likely without any brain function whatsoever. As Morse recounts, "a child with Katie's symptoms should have the absence of any brain function and therefore should comprehend nothing. It took her almost an hour to recall all the recent details. However, part of the story made no sense in usual medical terms. Katie related that during her comatose state, she was visited by an angel named Elizabeth, who allowed her to look in on her family at home. Katie correctly reported very specific details concerning what her siblings were doing, even identifying a popular rock song that her sister listened to, watched her father, and then observed as her mom cooked a meal that she correctly identified: roast chicken and rice.

She described the clothing and positions of her family members.

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Later, she shocked her parents by telling them these details that had occurred only a few days before. How can someone possibly recall such confirmed details in an emergency room as well as at a distance, especially with no known brain activity? Attempts have been made to provide natural explanations of these NDE accounts.

Crescent Lake by David Sakmyster

Medical factors like oxygen deprivation or temporal lobe seizures have been suggested, as have psychological causes such as hallucinations or faulty memory. However, in addition to the medical and other shortcomings in each case, each of these subjective approaches shares at least one major, common problem: because they deal with internal conditions relative to the individual, they are unable to account for particular observations of the external sort just mentioned, where evidential reports are confirmed.

This is especially the case when the evidence occurs a distance away. For instance, internal brain states cannot explain or produce accurate descriptions of events, particularly highly detailed ones in other areas. Neither can they explain the ability of blind individuals to report their surroundings.

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Do NDEs conflict with biblical beliefs? Actually, near-death phenomena may be reported in the Bible.

For example, in Jesus' story of the rich man and Lazarus, we are told that the beggar Lazarus died and was carried by angels into Paradise Lk. Paul explains that he had an experience during which he was unsure whether or not he was out of his body, as he visited "the third heaven" 2 Cor. Some commentators think that the timing of this event coincides with Paul's being stoned and left for dead during his trip to Lystra Acts Admittedly, some tough questions remain in relation to this topic.

For instance, non-Christians have described very positive experiences during near death episodes. Rarely do they mention judgment.

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However, since these individuals were not biologically or irreversibly dead, but near death, we can hardly ascertain their eternal state of existence in the future. Further, when near death survivors describe what they often take to be their experiences of heaven or hell, they have moved beyond the more mundane reports of events surrounding them on earth.

Thus, they are not describing their perception of common, everyday events in their vicinity, as mentioned above, but their personal interpretations of another reality altogether. For the record, however, exceptionally negative, even ghastly experiences, 3 including graphic visions of hellfire, have also been reported during NDEs. What about occultic or satanic NDE reports? Undeniably, such aspects are sometimes described and caution is definitely necessary.

But there appears to be nothing inherently occultic about the actual NDEs themselves. These persons simply recounted their perceptions during their very difficult times. After all, what do Christians expect to occur immediately after death? Further, many of the experiencers are Christian with no previous occult involvement. Even though these experiences appear to be supernatural, they are not thereby automatically occultic. Besides, if we are correct, similar experiences seem to be reported in Scripture.

Therefore, it seems that, as in life as a whole, some experiences are occultic and most others are not. To be sure, tough questions exist with regard to NDEs; much research still needs to be done.