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Independent suspension is a better design, but requires more welding and mechanical know how.

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A straight axle uses an axle, parallel or transverse leaf spring s spindles that pivot and Hairpin rod, wishbone or a 4 link system. Most of these items are available new.. The cheapest way is to buy a late 40's, early 50's chevy or Ford pick up. This will give you a front end that is straight axle, with most parts needed. The cab abd frame are a bonus and can also be used.

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At this point.. Now it's time for a body. Do you have a body or a line on one? If not Making your own is an option For FUN You can carve up the pick up body until it resembles and old bucket roadster. Mount it on your frame using common sense Wahhhh Hoo! This will allow you to use doors that open, the dash, etc. Time for a drive train. Engine is as Engine does. Pick anything.

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But choose wisely. If you already have the block and heads or it's worn out The old chevy , ford and Mopar , and are all common and cheap! A small 4 banger will scoot that little roller skate around too.

Go cheap and running well. Mount it hopefully with good trans over the front of the frame. Measure and weld in motor mounts.

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A cradle mount works well You will need a driveshaft Might even start! Now it's safety time.

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Safety for the car and you. You will need wiring, basic yes. Build a T-Bucket -

You also need a radiator, Brakes, Lights and guages. You need steering from the box to the linkage and a steering column with wheel. Safety for you Get it? Make an assessment of everything. Condition of the brakes, and whether they actually work. So on and so forth through the entire vehicle.

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Check all systems and take her for a test spin. The very BEST idea is a truck and trailer. Borrowed, or yours.

Take the car to a HUGE parking lot or out in the middle of nowhere. Try it out. Take it easy and see if she boils over, if she leaks, won't stop, won't start, etc. If she passes the maiden voyage Step 1 First, Be honest with yourself. Step 3 Next, you will need axles. Step 4 Now it's time for a body. All these parts make installing your running gear easy. The goal of making a modern Hot Rod handle like a well-balanced sports car required more than a well-designed and rigid frame.

The body is engineered to mount easily to the strong steel and aluminum FFR chassis.

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In the world of hot rods, customs and kit cars, we stand miles above the crowd and a big reason for this is our commitment to racing development and safety. Only by racing your products can you learn real performance, and racing gives you a deep appreciation for safety and engineering. The process of evaluating whether or not this project is right for you is an important one and there are several places you can go to get accurate, truthful, and current answers to your questions.

You can call us here at Factory Five at and speak to one of our guys in tech support.

How to Build a Traditional Ford Hot Rod Roadster

You can also log onto the Internet and query thousands of Factory Five owners about their own builds and discover an entire community of helpful customers on The Factory Five Forum. At Last! A Hot Rod That Handles. All-New 2nd Gen '33 Hot Rod. Kit Packages.