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Crossroads Showdown Book 3 Gay Romance and other options as Romance Novels Why Women Love Romance Novels-All Wonderful Aspects You Can Find .
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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Goodreads Updates Thanks for reading! Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. For the first time in his life, Blue feels the possibility of a romantic connection, and he makes tentative plans to secret himself and Sam away in an idyllic camp high in the mountains.

But the arrival in town of Gilbert, a Native American from the Wind River Indian Reservation, a man who fancies himself a modern-day berdache or Two-Spirit , pushes Blue and Sam in unexpected, dangerous directions.

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Gilbert attempts to recreate the ancient traditions of his people, but the world has changed. Ultimately, Gilbert must try to find a new place for himself in society, and Blue must choose between his home and protecting the man he loves. When you read as many GBLT books as I do, you begin to notice a similarity that runs from one book to another. So, when a slightly different story pops up, even though some of the elements have been explored before, I generally go for it.

Blue Parker is the surprisingly young foreman of a Wyoming ranch, and gay, and as such he is infatuated with Sam—a boyishly handsome hired hand. Blue has plans to assign Sam to a line-camp high up in the mountains; a veritable Eden where they will be able to meet in seclusion and relative safety.

Blue is embarrassed and confused, and so he stomps out, leaving Sam to the mercy of the red neck cowhands. This has its own falling-dominos-effect as the story winds down to an uncertain climax. As I mentioned, previously, this story has an interesting and somewhat unique theme to it—a coming out and coming of age in a ruggedly contemporary, Western setting, with ancient berdache overtones. It is also written in a lyrical style, with much time given to painting a word picture of the breathtaking Wyoming landscape.

However, it presents its own challenges as well. In many way it reads like a stage coach ride as it lurches along, often with the driver meandering on and off the trail. Indeed, it boldly goes where every novelist is cautioned not to tread. In other words, it changes points of view from one character to another, not only flashes backward, but also forward and to the present as well.

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Still, there are twists and passages that are brilliant in both concept and delivery. Thank you for your interest, and my apologies for not responding to your request individually.

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Please extend your patience just a bit longer. July 21, Posted by Gerry B. Wulfstan, a noble and fearsome Saxon warrior, has spent most of his life hiding the fact that he would love to be cherished by someone stronger than himself. Not some slight, beautiful nobody of a harper who pushes him up against a wall and kisses him. I like the late Saxon era for the pivotal role it played between the old and new beliefs, both socially and religiously, and for the strong masculine values it harboured.

Nevertheless, the well-acclaimed reputation of Alex Beecroft as an historical fiction writer held my interest. Even the language is a balance between modern and old English. Wufstan is a Anglo-Saxon soldier in the service of Lord Ecgbert, and as such he is expected to be the epitome of masculinity.

However, Wufstan has a covert desire that he dare not reveal, and this is brought into conflict when Leofgar corners him for a passionate kiss. Uncertain how to react, he rebuffs Leofgar somewhat violently; nonetheless, the spark has been ignited. Leofgar and his maser, Anna, are then exiled from the village to wander, and as winter approaches the beseech a rather lecherous lord to be allowed to occupy a place in his forest.

Now that Wufstan and Leofgar are both outcasts, fate arranges a chance meeting of the two, and from that point on they give in to their feelings to fight the forces that would destroy them; both physically and as a couple. There is little that one could criticise about this story, for every minor shortcoming—like an overly convenient plot twist—was balanced by flawless writing and evocative settings. Altogether a masterful depiction of time and place. Four and one-half bees. If you would like to learn more about my books, or to order copies, click on the specific cover below.

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Thanks again! May 12, Posted by Gerry B. Though far better educated than Edward, Brian is also far more callow, convinced that his homosexuality is something he will outgrow. Pushed to the point of crisis, Edward flees, volunteering to fight Franco in Spain, where he ends up in prison.

About the author: David Leavitt is a graduate of Yale University and a professor at the University of Florida, where he is the co-director of the creative writing program. Leavitt, who is openly gay, has frequently explored gay issues in his work. He divides his time between Florida and Tuscany, Italy. Review by Gerry Burnie. The story is set in s England, the years leading up to WWII, and features a young aristocrat dilettante named Brian Botsford, an amateur playwrite and narrator, and his opposite, Edward Phelan, an idealist and Marxist-labourer.

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From this perspective, one might assume that this is a story about class—and it is to a certain extent, but it is also a story about different ideals and approaches to life. It all comes together when Edward makes an attempt to rescue friends from the growing storm in Europe, but to get into the part of the plot would definitely be a spoiler, and so I will leave it for the readers to discover. One of the things I like about this story is the subtle way the author draws the reader into the tenor of the times. In spite of the fact that the dialogue tends to slip into a more modern vernacular from time to time, the reader is nonetheless persuaded that they are experiencing s England or Europe, as the case may be.

Likewise, the mock prologue and epilogue add a sense of time and place, as well. However, if you are the type that prefers a happy-ever-after ending, this might not be the story for you. Notice to all those who have requested a book review. May 5, Posted by Gerry B. Gay fiction , Gay historical fiction , Gay romance , Historical period Leave a comment. How do you stop a dangerous depression rooted in the same thing that makes someone what they are? About the aurthar: Matthew J. Metzger is an author of primarily gay romance novels, both adult and young adult.

He is looking to branch out into mainstream fiction, other non-traditional sexualities, and fantasy. Matthew had two novels published in , and so far has three contracted for release. Darren Pearce is roughly the same age, living the life his middle-class parents have set for him—including becoming a virtuoso violinist—but to cover his unhappiness he has developed an outer shell of cavalier artificiality.

It is then that we start to see below the surface to discover that Darren is suffering from an undiagnosed form of depression. Since this story is also oriented toward young adult readers, it should serve as a positive resource beyond its entertainment value. Four bees. April 14, Posted by Gerry B. Story blurb: Gideon Makepeace, a young man of twenty, knows who he is and what he likes: decency, men and women too, horse training, and fun… and in Livingston, Montana, in the lush autumn of , he finds he likes a Lakota Sioux Indian better than he might ought to.

Jedediah Buffalo Bird is seriously wounded and seeking medical care, and Gideon helps Jed when some bigoted townsfolk might have done otherwise. Jed, who knows the wild far better than Gideon and feels indebted to him, agrees to repay him by being his guide to San Francisco. Their trip takes them across thousands of wild miles, through the mountains men mine and the Indian reservations dotting the plains. Facing a majestic West, they learn from each other about white folks and Indians alike.

Or will he push Gideon away in favor of the peace of nature and the personal freedom of having nothing to lose? About the author: Margaret Mills is a professional technical writer and editor; branching into narrative fiction seemed like a natural extension of the pleasure that writing has always been for her. A California resident, Maggie enjoys hiking in the nearby hills, reading, walking the dog on the beach, and writing with her co-author, Tedi Ward.

I was in the mood for a male adventure story this week—for which there are suprising few—when this one came into view. Well Traveled Gideon and Jedediah 1 co-authored by Margaret Mills and Tedy Ward [Dreamspinner Press, October 18, ], is a somewhat epic journey undertaken by two boys of different racial backgrounds in Gideon Makepeace is white, twenty years old, working in Livington, Montana for the summer, and is about to return to California to reunite with his parents in San Francisco.

Jedediah Buffalo Bird is slightly older, a mixed-blood Lakota Sioux, a product of the dreaded boarding school experience, and a victim of some redneck bullying when they first meet. Gideon, a decent kid with a slight leaning toward men, nurses him back to health, and thus starts a—Platonic at this point—relationship between them. The journey therefore becomes the challenge; nevertheless, after the relationship has blossomed, there arises some tension regarding how a couple of mixed race can fare in either culture.

This is a well crafted story. The premise is credible—an eleven hundred mile trip was not out of the ordinary in —and it placed the two players in a context in which romance could logically take place. The race issues were real. The pace is a bit slow, but given the cultural issues it takes time to develop these complexities. April 7, Posted by Gerry B.

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He loves his life of learning as a monk in the far-flung stronghold of Fara, but the hot warrior blood of his chieftain father flows in his veins. Heat soothed only in the arms of his sweet-natured friend and lover, Leof. And Cai, who had thought he would never love again, feels the stirring of a profound new attraction. In fact she simply continues working on what she loves best— creating worlds and stories for the huge cast of lovely gay men queuing up inside her head.

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  • She lives in rural Northumberland in northern England and does most of her writing at a pensioned-off kitchen table in her back garden, often with blanket and hot water bottle. For one thing, it is set in the 7th century, a time of emerging beliefs; it has a strong religious bent—although not a religious story; and it includes some violence in connection with Viking raids and wars.

    Therefore, it is well removed from pastoral settings and sheep herding. The basic story revolves around Caius, an enlightened son of a warrior chieftain, who has been converted to Christianity and joins an order of monks in order to continue his enlightenment.